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Jerrald Barsten grew up in the foothills of the Cascade Mountains in Washington State, where he began hiking and backpacking at a young age. He and his school buddies would spend their summers exploring peaks, lakes and trails in the surrounding mountains, including Icicle Creek Canyon, The Enchantments, and Snow Lakes.

Almost forty years later, while Jerrald still loves going on outdoor adventures in the beautiful Pacific Northwest, his expeditions have become more comfortable with the evolution in camping gear. Outdoor recreation companies have significantly improved most backpacking products, making them ultralight, sleek, efficient, and comfortable.

Jerrald noticed however that what hasn’t changed is the way most backpackers & backcountry enthusiasts hang food bags at night. Most hikers are still tying ropes around rocks and throwing them over branches in order to keep them away from predators. This rudimentary method can be extremely frustrating as rocks can easily slip from the tied rope, or the rope can get wedged into the bark or branch leaving the hiker unable to raise their gear and food bag. Jerrald has dealt with these frustrations for decades and decided to create a new product that would make storing food bags & other gear at night a lot easier. He created the Ultralight Food Hanging System that allows the hiker to easily drop rocks, pebbles, or even dirt into a neoprene sleeve, and leverage its weight with a simple pulley system to safely raise and store food bags at a safe distance from predators.

It really is “The Easy Way to Hang Your Food”. Happy Trails to All.